2014 Ford Edge


2014 Ford Edge Limited AWD
$35,100 base MRSP
18.7 MPG (real-world, over a week of driving–better than the 16.5 MPG the last time I drove one)

Overall Impressions:

This one is growing on me–I’ve reviewed the Edge before, and will update the review here.

Would I buy one? Still the answer is no–still find the seats strangely uncomfortable, and for the price and mileage I’d be better off with an F-150. But I can see why some folks like this car.

TMS (Tall Man’s Score): B+

Headroom: A

 No change in this score–decent headroom.

Mirror Location: C

As with my last review, the rear-view mirror intruded into my view, and with a car this big it just didn’t have to. Poor design choice by Ford.

And again, I appreciated the nice backup camera. Good job on that Ford.

Headrest: A

I still like this headrest. Wish the seats were better to match.

Legroom: A

Good legroom–I was comfortable.

Seat Comfort: B

I was just as annoyed with the seats as I was previously. There are multiple bumps in the backrest and seat that seem to just be annoying. Not sure why it’s designed the way it is, but I’m not a fan.

 Vehicle Review

Engine: B

Upping the score here–maybe I got a better engine this time, but I felt like there was more scoot.

Transmission: B

Seemed ok–nothing special.

Interior: B

Nice interior, but nothing special.

Visibility: C

Again too much slope in the nose–you have no idea where the front bumper of the car is. Visibility otherwise was ok.

Electronics: D-

Dislike the electronics even more this time–and I should be getting used to them by now. Ford outfitted the Edge with “touch” buttons (that do not have any tactile feel, but just “beep”) and that means you have to look down from the road to use the climate control. Again, a safety issue for me. Really dislike the electronics in this car.

And as before the side mirror adjustment knob drove me crazy. It’s extremely difficult to adjust the mirrors on the Edge.

Simply an awful design.

Utility: B

Rear seats fold down, but not completely flat. Just ok.

Appearance: B-

Bumping this up a smidge–the looks of the Edge are growing on me.

 Miscellaneous Musings:

Now I’ve had a third chance with this car–and I’m not feeling the love.

It’s a passable car. Nice to rent. I just don’t feel compelled to put my green presidents down on this one. Like so many others, it lacks inspiration. Yet with everything else being so mediocre, is the Edge the best of a bad lot?