Fuzzcat’s “Tall Man’s Score” (TMS)

Fuzzcat’s TMS – “Tall Man’s Score”

If you’re a tall driver you know what this is about–modern cars just don’t “fit”.

The mirror is in the wrong place. There is no headroom.┬áThe seats hurt your back. There is no legroom. Bottom line–a car designed for someone 5’8″ isn’t going to fit you if you’re over six foot.

So we created the “Tall Man’s Score” – a way to look at these specific items, and give them a rank, so you know what you’re getting into when you buy (or test drive) a car.

Our categories are:

    • Headroom
    • Mirror Location
    • Headrest
    • Legroom
    • Seat Comfort

We score these individually, then give a composite TMS score–basically answering the question: “Could I live with this on a daily basis?”


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