2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee – FAIL


2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
$29,895 base MRSP

Overall Impressions: F

It is truly amazing that a large, luxury SUV could be a fail, but here it is–the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Simply put, this is an unsafe vehicle. The rear-view mirror totally blocks the driver’s view out the center and right of the windscreen.

This is bad–really bad–in this car. It’s so bad that I suspect even drivers under 6′ would find visibility impaired.

Exchanged the car for a Ford Taurus–which also failed! A bad luck week at the rental agency.

TMS (Tall Man’s Score): F

It doesn’t get any worse than this–if you’re considering this SUV, no matter what your height, carefully assess whether the rear view mirror will work for you.

One of the worst rear view mirrors ever.

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